Welcome to Bhola’s Children

Bhola’s Children is a UK registered charity (no. 1118345). It was set up in March 2007 to provide a permanent source of funding for a home and school for orphaned and disabled children on the island of Bhola. Bhola means “forgotten place”.

What we do

We receive children with every kind of disability from the age of 5 to twelve. They live as a family, the older children care for the younger, the deaf support those who can not walk, and everybody speaks sign-language.

Carpentry in progress

All our children receive daily living skills, primary education and training in tailoring, woodwork, metalwork and other technical skills as well as agriculture and cooking. Many of our children need physiotherapy and this is given twice a day.

Problems we help solve

Bhola is a very poor island of around 2 million people who have next to nothing in terms of medical facilities and state social care. “Bhola Garden”, the home and school we fund, was founded and originally run by Howlader Ali who had an innovative approach to helping the disproportionate number of orphaned and disabled children on Bhola.

He aimed to equip them to live in the community with dignity by providing:


·       Access to medical treatment on the mainland
·       Health education for the children and their families
·       Teaching those with different disabilities how to help each other
·       Basic classroom education to a level where many can transfer to mainstream school
·       Training in life/employment skills for example sewing, wood and metalwork, agriculture

All of this in a loving environment full of fun and laughter.







Ali, well into his sixties, retired in 2015, and is succeeded by a new Director, Zakirul Haque. Zakir, as he is known, was already a great supporter of Bhola’s Children and is experienced in working with disabled people, having worked for the Acid Survivors Foundation, as Head of Planning and Development. He is married with two small daughters. Zakir is supported by an excellent local Committee.


Our director with a feathered friend!

We are a small and personal charity

The trustees and core supporters not only make a financial commitment, they also keep in close touch with the Director and with each other. It is a very personal involvement, like being members of one family. To the staff and children in the “forgotten place” this emotional support from the other side of the world is every bit as important as the financial.

It is hoped this website will foster that feeling of involvement as our range of supporters grows.

The minimal costs of running the charity are met by the trustees. So, after deducting currency conversion and money transmission charges and any regulatory fees, every penny raised plus gift aid plus interest earned is forwarded to Bhola and spent on the children’s welfare.